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Peter H. Hergarten is who we call ‘“a photographer, written with a capital letter!“ With over twenty years of experience he has become an established name within the fashion and advertising industry with an impressive clients list such as Vogue Espana, Axel Springer Publishing House, Stern, GQ and many other big players and agencies. He has also become a firm favorite with celebrities shooting covers, stories and editorials all over the most beautiful places.

Travelling the world and working in USA, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Marocco, just to mention a few, his talent soaked up all the colours, lights, forms and fabrics, cultural diversities, mentalities and many, many faces our world has to offer.


Despite all the commercial success Peters’ dream was always to be an artist, even at the very beginnings as an aspiring student for arts, design and photography. It is as simple as that. And often a dream becomes an urge when time is ready, the experience provides you with the right amount of courage and here we are! Please, enjoy Peter H. Hergartens work of a solid artist, skilled and talented photographer and a man with a vision.